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Frequently Asked Questions


Our mission: To harness the power of youth by developing a global network of passionate youth leaders dedicated to creating positive change through health, education, and leadership programs


Our goal: To build leaders through community service


Our motto: Turning passion into Action




Why did we start this organization and website?


Our main goal is to raise awareness about youth health, education and leadership issues and to help as many vulnerable children as we can. In recent years, we have received requests from many children and parents for suggestions to launch their community service projects. Thus, by launching Global Youth H.E.L.P. website and sharing some of our projects we hope to encourage young people around the world to start their own community service projects.


What do we wish to accomplish?


By educating youth leaders and highlighting successful youth led projects from around the world we wish to develop a global network of youth leaders who are creating positive change in their communities.


How do get the funds for our projects?


We fund our projects from our personal income and from funds raised from our family, friends, and our community. We use the money we receive from our awards to fund our projects. When we train other youth leaders to start their projects, we provide advice and if possible, volunteer our time to help them. We do not provide grants or funding to other organizations to start or conduct their projects. Youth leaders are responsible for raising the necessary funds and for organizing and conducting their own events.


Does anyone get paid a salary?


No. We are an all-volunteer organization. No one is paid for their work. We use our funds to conduct our projects that directly benefit disadvantaged children.We donate our time so that we can maximize the impact of your donations


Are your donations tax deductible?

Yes. We are a registered 501©(3) not-for-profit organization.


What types of projects do we support?


All our projects aim to promote our mission to have a positive impact on youth health, education and leadership development. We conduct and support projects that are:

        •Youth led, initiated by young people and address a real need in their communities

        •Aligned with our mission of promoting youth education, health, and leadership development

        •Provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences for youth volunteers

        •Provide experiential and fun activities for youth leadership development

        •Provide opportunities to involve many diverse volunteers, of all ages, ethnicities, races, religions, etc.

        •Are conducive for partnerships with schools, families, and local non-profit organizations

        •Are practical and feasible so that young people can serve as effective leaders while juggling school and work responsibilities

        •Have potential for growth and long term sustainability

        •Are low cost but have direct impact on children


Why do we conduct a variety of projects?


We personally choose to conduct projects that we are passionate about and can organize effectively while juggling our school and work schedules. We chose projects that are in alignment with our mission and we have the resources to support. Initially, we start small pilot projects, and after assessing their impact and feasibility, we decide about the future growth strategy.We have learned that by organizing several different projects that focus on selected villages, schools, and community organizations, we can develop trust and long-term relationships. Thus, we strive to create a multi-touch, holistic and long-term projects to improve the lives of children in selected communities. By investing in long-term community service projects with our partners, we learn from them while having a significant positive impact. While conducting several different projects with our partners, our goal is to help improve the lives of children and communities. We seek to use the lessons we gain from our experiences with these diverse projects to train youth leaders to start their own community service projects. We also lend our support and provide advice to other youth leaders when they initiate and conduct projects that are of interest to them. After initiating projects in collaboration with local youth leaders we completely hand these over to our local youth leader partners. For example, the youth leaders we have trained in India have taken ownership of their local tobacco control projects. When we visit, we conduct additional training and lend them our support as much as we can. However, the local youth leaders own their projects and are responsible for designing, raising funds and conducting their own projects.

Additional Inquiries


If you have any additional inquiries that you do not see above, we would love to hear them! Please use the contact form to the right and we will get back to you ASAP.

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