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Education & Donations




Feeding a family or buying a school uniform for a child is a tough choice for economically disadvantaged families. Each year, GYH provides school uniforms to needy children so that they are eager and happy to come to school and learn.


During a community service trip to India, the GYH team visited a school for children whose parents were ragpickers living in the slums of Mhow, India.  Some of the families could not afford uniforms, and we learned from the teachers that this was hurting students' self-esteem and resulted in higher drop out rates. We cannot describe the joy and excitement on the faces of the grateful children when we presented the students with their new school uniforms!



By donating just $5.00 (250 rupees), you can donate a uniform and positively transform the educational experience of a student.  Please click here to donate.



Global youth H.E.L.P. has established three libraries in village schools and donates school supplies to children in village schools. With Delaware - HTA Drama club youth leaders and our volunteers, we have donated summer reading books and backpacks to children in foster care program in Delaware.




During her summer vacation, Ananya Singh, Co-President of the GYH High School Network, developed and launched an English Education Training Program in India.  She created and implemented the curriculum with the hope of helping  students pass their tenth grade exams, and allowing them to go to college and earn a degree.  The program focuses on teaching underprivileged children the opportunity to learn basic conversational English, so that they get the opportunity to leave the circle of poverty in which they live.


  The first group of students to complete the nine-day program have now all passed their tenth grade exams. Two are currently studying at local universities, one is working part time, and the other two students are currently furthering their education at Very Special Arts India.

GYH team members Ananya Singh and Aman Singh with a YWCA Representative (above)



Global Youth H.E.L.P. members donate gifts and collaborate with local community organizations to organize holiday parties for children in Delaware’s Foster Care Program. There are nearly 800 children in Delaware’s Foster Program and we strive to bring joy and smiles to as many children as we possibly can.



More than 80 students from local villages in Mhow, Inida have participated in the computer program, and approximately 70% of the participants have been girls. The initial program was 10 weeks long and consisted of daily, two-hour sessions, including theory and practical computer training. The follow-up programs have been for underprivileged students seeking more advanced computer training. 



Starting a new school year without a backpack can be a traumatic experience for a young child. In addition, we learned that when many children enter the foster care system, they bring their few possessions in a garbage bag because they do not have backpacks. This deeply touched our hearts.


Since 2007, we have been donating backpacks and school supplies for children in Delaware’s Foster Care Program,  to students in Delaware’s YWCA Home Life Management shelter, and to students globally.  



For $5-$10, you can provide a backpack to a student in need and can help boost their confidence with the right supplies for the school year.  Click here to donate.

GYH Founder Meghan Pasricha shares a moment of joy with a book donation recipient (above)

Ananya Singh, Co-President of the GYH High School Network makes an impact as she teaches English to underprivileged youth in India (above)



Global Youth H.E.L.P. donates sports equipment to students in India and in America. We have donated sports supplies to three schools in India and the YWCA Home Life Management Center in Delaware.


Playing sports is a positive way for youth to get exercise, learn teamwork and develop leadership skills, while having FUN!  Sports help students learn the importance of having a coach, being a team player, and acting graciously while winning or losing. 


Global Youth H.E.L.P. actively encourages young people to launch community service projects to promote sports and exercise that will make young people healthier around the world.



When the Global Youth H.E.L.P. team learned that students in India were having trouble focusing while sitting on the cold, hard floor, the team decided to take action!  We raised funds and had benches made to fit the classroom.  The teachers were thrilled and informed us that the students are able to sit and learn for longer periods in the day.

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