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Leadership Training




Global Youth H.E.L.P. has given presentations to over 15,000 young people to educate them about the hazards of tobacco use. Our goal is to train thousands of young people around the world to become passionate health advocates who will educate their peers to avoid tobacco products.



Global Youth H.E.L.P. volunteers conducted a leadership training program for girls in Delaware’s foster care. The leadership training focused on building self-esteem, college application preparation, public speaking and interviewing skills. The program also included self defense – karate demonstrations as well as fun activities such as dancing.




Global Youth H.E.L.P. has provided funding for one of the curriculum modules for the YWCA of Delaware TechGYRLS® program. This is a before-school, after-school, and summer program that provides girls ages 9-14 with opportunities to increase their skills and confidence in the use of technology and engineering by learning computer animation, robotics, fundamental engineering concepts and video production. This program aims to promote interest and encourage girls into technology fields by helping develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The main aim is to get girls excited about technology, math, and science by conducting hands-on projects in a supportive environment.


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