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Health Projects




Global Youth H.E.L.P. educates young people around the world about the dangers of tobacco use. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths. Tobacco kills more than 400,000 Americans and 3 million people worldwide every, single year. Tobacco use is a global epidemic. Even if we choose not to smoke, we can still be harmed by deadly second hand smoke. Since most smokers start before they turn eighteen, Global Youth H.E.L.P. volunteers give presentations and train youth leaders to organize advocacy events to educate young people about this very harmful and addictive product and strive to reduce youth smoking.



With our partner Kaksha, a non-profit in New Delhi, Global Youth H.E.L.P. has conducted oral hygiene education and donated over a thousand toothbrushes and toothpaste for disadvantaged children.

The GYH team teaches students in the U.S. and India about the dangers of tobacco use (above). In the video, co-Founder Meghan Pasricha is honored by the World of Children Fund for her anti-tobacco advoacacy programs (left).







Before starting her studies at Northwestern Medical School, Sarina traveled to India and conducted a successful health camp for children in a village in India. With the help of local youth volunteer, Anisha and Chirag Malhotra, Sarina conducted daily workshops on hygiene, tobacco awareness, and involved all the children in a village cleanliness drive. Although it was challenging working in the summer heat, everyone had a great time participating in fun educational projects. She also taught them practical leadership skills, public speaking, and handicrafts. The grand finale involved a talent show and a graduation party. The children fondly remember the summer camp. When we revisit that village, we devote time to refresh and build upon our earlier training. We derive energy from seeing their excitement and their continued desire to succeed. The older students are now participating in the computer literacy training program we have started in the village.

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